This Humidifier Has Been Selling Out Week after Week. We Put It to The Test To Find Out Why!

Written By Jake Charleston - Monday, June 17, 2024

The results of this review shocked us...

I've been reviewing products now for over 15 years right from my home in Arizona - and when it comes to humidifiers it's something you really need over here - trust me, I've tested almost every product on the market by now!

For some reason when it comes to humidifiers people tend to think that they're all the same (they all do the same job, right?)

Sadly - this has lead many to end up disappointed with their purchase as the quality varies widely between different models.

So, you can imagine how happy I was when TrustedConsumerReview reached out to me with this assignment.

"Finally!" I thought, "A chance to truly find the true champion in air-humidity on the market"

And you know what - this time I really found what I've always been looking for

Early that morning I received a box with the portable humidifier safely packed inside for me to review. Immediately I was impressed with what I saw when I opened the box.

As I've already tested over 20 different humidifiers before I can tell you - they're usually not pretty to look at, but KosteaCloud is the complete opposite!

Not only is it compact, sleek and an absolute delight to look at with it's Ivory-White finish - it's also clear that it's made to last as it's made from premium polymers which will last you for decades in most cases.

This was the best-looking Humidifier I'd ever seen - that was clear to me, so I couldn't help hoping It would work as well as it looked. But since my previous tests on portable humidifiers had all been mediocre at best, I did my best to not expect too much.

To be sure, KosteaCloud had won me over with it's design and quality, but come on- the most important step was still ahead of me, to test how good it could give your home the right amount of moisture depending on your needs.

The Test: Can KosteaCloud Truly Give The Right Amount Of Humidity To Any Home?

I started off studying every technical aspect of KosteaCloud and quickly realised that it uses technical advances that no other product on the market has - completely new in 2024! Here's where I truly got excited.

Unlike all other Humidifiers on the market, KosteaCloud has actual patented technology that are truly 'game changing'. The 'Smart Technology' is the first one that sticks out, allowing it to be 5x more effective in humidifying large areas, but the real 'game-changer' was actually another feature.

Humidify stands as the only product on the market to which uses something called 'copper ionisation', allowing it to filtrate and sanitise the mist - cleansing and filtrating the air while humidifying it - all at the same time.

The benefits to this new technology where huge!

'To say that this is not an ordinary humidifier would not be an exaggeration. With it's patented hygiene features and sleek design it's in a league of it's own.'

There have been some huge advances made in how to humidify environments hygienically in the past year - and KosteaCloud is the only product to apply these technologies to that are so important for our health to their product in 2024. Very impressive!

And it made me curious, I immediately started researching and sure enough - almost all other humidifiers do not purify the mist before dispersing it which is shocking because that means that all the small bacteria and contaminants that's in the water is then released which allows mold to grow! This alone puts KosteaCloud in a league of its own - the science behind it's copper ionisation technology is really the only way to eliminate all risks.

And that was it, I was ready to put it to the test myself. So I filled it up with a cup of water as instructed, plugged it in and switched it on - and here's where my opinion of this device suddenly wen't through the roof!

We're talking minutes here before I could feel the air in my room completely change to a refreshing humidity - It was SO nice to feel in my arid room!

On a normal day my home is so dry that it irritates your throat & lungs, making me constantly cough - but within a couple minutes It was all completely changed, it felt like I could breathe again. It's hard to describe how much of an improvement this was - especially when sleeping!

After placing KosteaCloud in the corner of my bedroom, I noticed the incredible changes that very night.

Instead of waking up tired and lethargic with dry mouth I felt well rested in a way I had not experienced in years. I was invigorated, well rested and simply put energetic! And for my wife it has truly been 'life-changing', you see she suffers from astma and allergies which have all but disappeared since we installed KosteaCloud. So I can safely say that anyone with allergies or Astma really must have this product, and with the copper ionisation technology it's truly the only safe option for those with babies or small children knowing it puts health in the front seat.

And then there's our plants... You see, both me and my wife love gardening and have a big variety of plants in our home to brighten up the atmosphere. Since we installed KosteaCloud our plants have gone from a crisp and quite rough condition (no matter how much watering we did!) to lush, brightly green leaves - it also means we have now started getting beautiful tropical plants for our home that we would never even dream of before!

Simply put, I was shocked. I can still not believe the countless benefits it has had on our health - It's really AMAZING!

I've Stayed Energised And Relaxed Every day

By using it's multitude of different settings I am able to adjust KosteaCloud to suit me, I've left it running throughout the day every day since I got it and because of it's portability I can easily pick it up and carry it to any room. Hold on a second...

I know what you're thinking - 'How can you leave it on, how much energy are you wasting leaving it on like that?!'

That's the true beauty of KosteaCloud - the answer is Virtually none. Since KosteaCloud uses completely new technology it crams up immense power in a very small device, unlike the old stationary models which use 3500W or more - KosteaCloud uses less than 10% of that at most! With an award winning 'A-rated' energy efficiency you can safely keep it running WHENEVER you want - never again having to worry about bills running high. A huge relief if you ask me!

It also runs so quiet that you easily forget it's actually there.

"With It's Best-in-class Price, Energy Efficiency and Air Purification Technology KosteaCloud Is a clear Win-Win, And The Humidity Levels Are Truly Spectacular!"

I tend to send my sample products back after review but with KosteaCloud I simply couldn't. I simply had to keep it, so I bought it and kept it for myself and my family to keep our home perfectly humidified and hygienic at all times. I do not say this lightly but KosteaCloud is the best product I've reviewed so far in 2024!

Truly a must-have, I give KosteaCloud a clear 5-star rating!

  1. Patented Humidifying Technology - KosteaCloud utilises it's own patented smart-technology. 500% more effective than any other product on the market - AT LEAST.
  2. SANITISING MIST - KosteaCloud Improves air-hygiene with it's unique copper ionisation patented technology. By sanitising water at the source it ensures each and every drop of mist will be completely clean, pure with huge health benefits.
  3. EASE OF USE - Plug it in and start using it, it's really that simple. After you fill it's large water tank KosteaCloud starts changing the humidity levels to your liking within minutes!
  4. DESIGN & PORTABILITY - I absolutely love how this thing looks! Sleek, compact and very high-end materials. A cosy glow illuminating from it's in-built lighting system truly adds another level to the design and with it's premium ivory-white finish KosteaCloud simply radiates exclusivity and elegance.
  5. EFFICIENCY & ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT - KosteaCloud uses a whole range of new technologies to increase its efficiency. Compared to other portable heaters this is in a class of its own with at least 5x more effective power efficiency. This is great for the environment but even better for your wallet - leave this thing on for days without increasing your electricity bills noticeably.
  6. VALUE - You won't find any other product that even comes close to KosteaCloud when it comes to value - you will be so satisfied that you'll want to order 2 or 3 more to give as gifts for family and friends who suffer with uncomfortable, arid and dry air at home. Since KosteaCloud still has its limited time pricing offer on offer you'll be able to afford it easily.
  7. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - The whole team at KosteaCloud are so confident in it's groundbreaking product they offer a full 30-day refund guarantee, simply send it back and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

What Are The Downsides To The Portable KosteaCloud?

Well yes, there is one 'downside' to KosteaCloud - they're selling like crazy! With thousands and thousands of units shipped on a weekly basis they're not always available in stock. The downside is that you might not be able to snag yours before they run out, so visit their official website now and get the #1 bargain of 2024!


Only buy from the official website - DO NOT BUY ANYWHERE ELSE. The REAL THING will only be sold through the official channel. Buy the premium engineered, HIGH-END QUALITY KosteaCloud and get all the advances and new technology built into it.


Danielle B. - Washington

"Every mom knows that you can’t put anything dangerous in the room with your baby. I was hesitant to try this because I know they can overheat. This one doesn’t do that! It’s so safe to use everywhere."

Frank A - Colorado

"I used to suffer from horrendous sinus infections in the winter. Ever since I started using Kostea Cloud Humidifier, I can breathe so much better. It’s only been a month, but the difference is huge!"

Tamara K. - Delaware

"A lot of other humidifiers I’ve tried leak when the tank is full. I’ve actually ruined some wooden furniture because of them. Kostea Cloud is so much better. It works perfectly and the water never leaks. It even shuts off if the tank gets low! Very cool thing."

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