This Mom Fights Lunchtime Battles…One Worm At A Time 🐛

Written By Jennifer Ladd - Friday, July 19, 2024

"She found a device that not only gets rid of bugs in produce, but it can also get rid of ALL the chemicals our produce is bathed in."

Have you ever heard that old joke?

“What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?”

“Finding half a worm!”

Unfortunately, that’s true. 🤢

It all began when my son stopped eating school lunches.

He became incredibly picky about food. Every day, he came home from school in a TERRIBLE, hangry, mood. I just had to get some food into him!

So I turned into one of those moms that packs colorful, healthy, bento box lunches. I put as many choices in there as I could, just praying he’d eat something.

One day I put raspberries in there.

Big mistake.


He put the raspberries on his fingers.

He ate them one by one.

And on his last finger, after he ate the berry, he saw a... WORM!

When he saw that, he jumped out of his seat and started screaming.

Then the kids started chanting, “Wormy! Wormy! William eats WORMIES”!

So of course, William lost his temper, threw his juicebox, and got sent to the office. 🤦‍♀️

I THOUGHT I Was Washing My Produce Thoroughly

Every time I buy produce, I soak all of it in my kitchen sink. I scrub things like carrots, oranges, and apples. More delicate things, like raspberries, I rinse off.

Then I let it all drip dry on a clean towel, so nothing molds in my refrigerator.

But little did I know, that’s not enough to truly get rid of all the little critters in there.

Believe me, my son let me know loud and clear that it wasn’t good enough! Not only did I feel like a failure as a mom, he was absolutely furious with me.

After that, I knew he wouldn’t eat raspberries again for a long, long time. But I had to figure out a way to get fruit and veggies into him...

Then I Found This Little Device

I was looking at message boards, trying to figure out how other people clean their fruits and veggies.

Buried deep in the comments, one lady said she found a device that not only gets rid of bugs in produce, but it can also get rid of chemicals on the skin of fruits and vegetables.

That sounded too good to be true, so I DM’d her.

She assured me that her produce had never been cleaner! And it turned out that she was a friend of a friend, and she didn’t live too far away. She agreed to let me borrow her little miracle machine.

I will be forever grateful for what I learned that day.

I Had Tried Everything!

What you don’t know is that I was about to give up by the time I found that message board.

I had already tried adding salt to the soaking water. But it didn’t seem to do much.

Then I tried adding apple cider vinegar. Still not clean!. And that vinegar smell and taste lingered. PEWWW! 👃

Of course, I had to try essential oils. To be honest, I feel like that just made everything taste like watered down essential oils. And it left an oily residue in my sink.

So I tried a bottle of spray I found in the produce department.

But it made the job of washing produce so slow! I had to individually spray and wipe off each piece of fruit. I have to admit I did a bad job with the grapes!

I searched online, and bought a bottle of concentrate that you pour into a sink full of water. I bathed all the produce, but the whole sink seemed soapy and filmy, and it made my hands feel really dry. It seemed like a harsh chemical, not something I should wash my food with.

So by the time I heard about the produce-cleaning device on the message board, I was ready for a real solution!

I Will Never Forget What I Saw In My Sink That Day

I met the lady from the message board in the grocery store parking lot, halfway between our houses.

I rushed home and got ready to clean some produce! I filled my sink with water, as usual.

Then I turned on the device and set it in the sink full of water.

I added all of my produce, a pinch of plain old salt, and I walked away to let it soak for 5 minutes.

When I returned, I took one look in that sink and I’m not kidding, I nearly lost my lunch. 🤢

I was so grossed out thinking about what I must have been eating before! I could not BELIEVE what was floating in that water.

There was grungy looking gunk that must’ve been pesticides and food wax.

There were weird looking particles of... I don’t know what!

And most importantly, there were tiny worms and flies! 🐛

I have NEVER seen anything like that come out of my fruit before.

I was beginning to think that Sani Spiral might get William to eat fruit again! Maybe even raspberries!

What Makes SaniSpiral So Special?

The power of electrolysis!

Cleaning produce is as easy as 1-2-3 with Sani Spiral!

  1. Turn on your fully charged Sani Spiral and place it in a container of clean water.
  2. Add produce and a pinch of salt, and soak for 5 minutes.
  3. Turn off Sani Spiral and stir the water.

Sani Spiral removes up to 99% of nasty chemicals, bacteria, and mold. It also gets rid of bugs and worms... using ONLY TAP WATER and SALT!

And your produce is ready to rinse and eat!

How Does SaniSpiral Compare To Other Cleaning Methods?

Of course, you know I’m concerned about worms and bugs in my produce.

But what about bacteria? Mold? And chemicals like pesticides?

Other types of hair removal

Sani Spiral

ADD chemicals to your produce!

ONLY water + Salt = ❌no chemicals!❌

Can’t eliminate pesticides, bacteria, mold (you could get food poisoning from bacteria!)

Gets rid of 99% of chemicals, bacteria, and mold!

Allow worms and bugs to hide inside your produce

Uses the power of electrolysis to scare critters OUT of your food! 🐛

Come in bulky bottles

It’s small and easy to store

Aren’t meant to clean produce! (such as vinegar, dish soap, or essential oils)

Was INVENTED to clean produce!

💲Constantly buying cleaning products💲

Buy Sani Spiral ONCE!

Give foods a strange aftertaste or smell

Just FRESHNESS! No residue, film, or soapy taste

You know those recalls on lettuce? What about strawberries? They are usually because of bacteria like E. coli or salmonella.

So not only will you be spared from putting worms in your kid’s lunchbox (like me), but you can rest assured that you aren’t eating harmful chemicals. AND Sani Spiral helps prevent food poisoning from bacteria!

By making a one-time investment in Sani Spiral, you can clean your produce and never worry about buying or storing endless bottles of cleaners.

But Do I Really Need A Sani Spiral?

I don’t want to send any more worms in William’s lunch box, so I’m ordering my own Sani Spiral ASAP.

I know that Sani Spiral isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you if:

  • You’re grossed out just thinking about how many bugs you’ve eaten.
  • You don’t want to get food poisoning from bacteria on your produce.
  • You want to avoid eating harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.
  • You need a faster, easier, more thorough way to clean produce.

The awesome thing is that Sani Spiral is offering a hefty discount right now!

Right now, all readers that come from this page today and click on the button below can get a whopping 50% off!

That is, *ifffff* Sani Spiral is still available.


Conclusion: Is Sani Spiral Worth It?

Let me put it this way.

You could be like me, spending months buying and testing bottle after bottle of produce cleaner, essential oil, dish soap, and vinegar. I tried everything, and it all failed. I spent so much time and money, AND MY PRODUCE WASN’T EVEN CLEAN!

Or you could buy Sani Spiral once. Your produce would be free of 99% of chemicals, toxins, bacteria, and mold... and worms!

For all the time and hassle that Sani Spiral saves, it would make sense for them to charge around $200. But they don’t. Their regular, non-discounted price is just $139!

ANDDDDD, guess what? Customers reading this ad can get their own Sani Spiral for just $69!

ATTENTION: Sani Spiral is becoming a kitchen must-have! Order now to take advantage of the 50% off and secure your Sani Spiral. Inventory won’t last long at this discounted rate! Click here to check availability.


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