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Top 5 Blood Pressure Monitors That Are Easy To Use AND Inexpensive

Updated June, 2024

Fully 1/3 of the United States have some sort of blood pressure issue. It's never been more important for every American to monitor their blood pressure and make sure they have healthy numbers. In a perfect world, doctors would just be available 24/7 to help us out, but that world doesn't exist. Instead, many Americans seek out the help of sophisticated, accurate blood pressure monitors.

However - which ones are best?

Some cost more than $300 with no guarantee of correct readings. That's why our experts sat down and tested dozens of blood pressure monitors to examine which had on-target readings, which were the easiest to use, and which were the most cost-effective (a.k.a. cheap).

From our examinations, we discovered the 5 best blood pressure monitors and even found one that stood out as best among the 5. It was not the most expensive, nor was it the biggest brand name.

If you'd like to learn more about our best pick for a top blood pressure monitor, it’s at the bottom of the page:

Doodle Blood Pressure Device

1 BEST FOR 2024




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OMRON Bronze Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Stores up to 14 blood pressure readings
  • Captures most beats, including irregular heartbeats
  • Cuff fits up to 17 inch circumference
  • Easy-to-use
  • Works even with body movements





Withings BPM Connect


  • Large LED screen with high-def backlight
  • One-touch operation
  • Highly accurate readings
  • Two-user memory feature
  • Adjustable larger cuff fits most





Urion Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Accurate blood pressure readings
  • Tracking blood pressure over long periods possible
  • One button operation
  • Clear screen with larger numbers
  • Two-user model





Beurer BM55 Blood Pressure Machine


  • Medical-class accuracy
  • Arm cuff fits up to 16.5 inches
  • Sensitive enough to pick up irregular heartbeats
  • Easy-to-use with one-touch function
  • Multiple users




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Best Overall Blood Pressure Device


Managing blood pressure readings with ease on the app with the Bluetooth enabled features of BP Guardian.


Up to 2 people can use this blood pressure monitor with a single press start and stop feature.


BP Guardian has a brightly lit screen that provides accurate readings, including for those with irregular heartbeats.

After Intense Testing By Our Team, BP Guardian Stood Out As The #1 Blood Pressure Monitor

Picture 1 Get the right results for less with BP Guardian!

Blood pressure is a serious issue, and with more than 116 million people in need of accurate blood pressure measurements daily, choosing between the options can be daunting.

Some machines can cost up to $670, but is it necessary to spend all that money? For people who need good readings, this might seem like a necessary fee. We’ve gotten used to it because people with health issues are often held hostage by large corporations.

Truth be told, there is an effective, accurate device that can properly measure a person's blood pressure without costing an arm and a leg.

It's called BP Guardian, and thousands of people are buying these everyday because it's easy to use, it takes proper readings, and the price... Well that might just be the best part.

BP Guardian is a sophisticated, modern blood pressure monitor that works with an easy-to-use app, allowing anyone to take the best readings possible on their blood pressure.

BP Guardian is:

Easy Blood Pressure Readings Day After Day

BP Guardian connects through an app that users can download and link through bluetooth connection. This digital tool can help keep users healthy without clunky, awkward hardware.

Once the app is downloaded and connected to the BP Guardian, it's incredibly easy to take your blood pressure.

All users need do is:

  1. Turn the machine on
  2. Slip your arm into the cuff
  3. Hit start

And in no time, you'll have your blood pressure... And more!

#1 Blood Pressure Monitor For A Reason

Picture 2 BP Guardian is easy to use, read, and... AFFORD!!!

The BP Guardian is more than a device for monitoring blood pressure, it's a great tool to help keep you healthy.

BP Guardian can track irregular heartbeats as well as sinus rhythm.

Cheap But Not Cheap?

Picture 3 Tracking your health is the smartest thing you can do, and BP Guardian makes it that much easier

There’s a blood pressure monitor on the market right now selling for $670 (OMG). There are others that retail for $100 - $300.

Normally, BP Guardian is priced at $69.95, but right now there's a 40% discount offer bringing the price down to $39.95!

The best part? While it’s the most affordable item on the market, it’s not cheaply made. You’ll be able to take precise measurements on a regular basis without worrying about the BP Guardian breaking down.

Why pay more when you don’t have to?

Now Is The Time

Picture 4 Protect your health and peace of mind with BP Guardian

Precise measurements, the ability to recognize an irregular heartbeat, easy to use and read, and the best value on the market? BP Guardian is the tool you need to stay informed about your health!

Act now while the price is low, and put the BP Guardian to work for you.


Common Questions & Answers

Q: Does BP Guardian monitor irregular heartbeats?

Yes, it is capable of providing an accurate reading even with irregular heartbeats.

Q: Does it connect to Android or just iOS?

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Q: Does BP Guardian also monitor heart rate?

Yes, it monitors blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic, along with pulse rates.