June 17, 2024

Would you like a greener home but don’t have a yard?

Want to grow your own food, herbs, or flowers but seem to kill them within a month?

Or do you often find yourself in need of a plant-sitter when you travel?

Smart gardens allow any professional plant-killer to come around and get some green into their lives. Easy as that.

We decided to buy, test & review 2024’s most popular smart gardens and compared the big brands to the smaller companies to see which ones are truly the best.

Our testing revealed that a new smart hydroponic garden has solved all of the common problems associated with growing plants in dark apartments. To our surprise, our test winner was both easy to operate, came with everything included, and required no soil while still being cheaper than the competing brands.

Here are our Top 5 Picks this year, with a full review of our top pick at the bottom of the page:

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Our Score

Key Features

#1 BEST IN 2024



AeroGarden Bounty Basic

Price: $172.99

Herb kit included

9 plants capacity

Vacation mode feature

Digital screen display


VegeBox Indoor Herb Garden

Price: $78.99


This low-maintenance

9 plant pod

Quite big

The lamp isn’t height adjustable


iDOO Hydroponics

Price: $69.99

3 Smart Modes

2 Water Pump Modes


7 plants capacity


Amazing Stackable Planter

Price: $109.99

No automatic features

Growing your plants vertically

Indoors/outdoors use

Stylish and Durable Design

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We Bought & Tested The Most Popular Smart Gardens, Here’s Why Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden is #1

I wish it wasn’t so, but I’ve been killing plants forever.

I honestly don’t think that I’m that bad of a botanist.

It’s just that I sometimes forget to water my plants, or drown them.

And the worst part is when people laugh at me when I say that I one day want to get a house and grow my own veggies. As if it’s a “thing” that I kill plants.

But I’ve tried some “smart” solutions before.

Having a water bottle next to the pot with a thick thread of yarn connecting the soil to the water which supposedly allows the plant to drink by itself when it’s “thirsty”.

But somehow It doesn’t have the natural lush look that I’m aiming for with my plants.

I usually blame the layout of my apartment for the lack of greens in my home. It is very dark and the sunlight only reaches my window for one hour per day during the summer.

So hearing about Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden made me excited.

Not only would it allow me to have something else than a cactus, but the product claims that even I will be able to grow veggies, herbs, and flowers in the closet if I so wanted to!

In Summary: Dr. Goodrow does it all for you, you can literally watch your plants grow and do nothing else while they grow up to 5 times faster than they would grow in a traditional soil garden!

First Impression

When I got the Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden delivered to my door 2 days after ordering it, I was immediately impressed with the delivery process. I was taken by surprise and hadn’t even seen the actual product yet.

I was definitely hoping for it to be good, but little did I know that it would come to change not only the aesthetics of my home but the quality of my life as well!

When I opened the box my heart skipped a beat, It looked so advanced! The material of Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden looked amazing - but technical!!

This was supposed to cost less than $70, yet there was clearly some advanced tech hiding here! And I didn’t feel like I was up for the task of failing to install it or doing any maintenance.

The whole reason for this was to make it easier for me!

Well, I’m stupid. Thankfully.

There was absolutely no assembly needed, at all. - Well yeah, unless you count putting a lid on a container basically.

The fear I felt subdued and turned into astonishment, this little thing was a technical marvel that would take care of the plants all on its own.

It was sturdy and looked like it was made for heavy-duty use. My mind immediately started dreaming about what to grow!


I didn’t have to think much, everything that I needed to grow plants was included in the box.

First, I placed the seeds in the growth sponges and placed them in the basket.

Then, I added water and nutrients to the water reservoir - once!

And then I plugged it in and waited...

Every day, I would watch as my seeds turned into sprouts, and then began to shoot up with force, and day by day turn into full-fledged plants.

It was so satisfying to see how fast they would grow! And I felt pride even though I didn’t have to do anything!

Why is Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden so special?

Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden can’t be compared with anything on the market!

Don’t have enough sunlight? Don’t worry!

Thanks to the adjustable lamp’s 72 red, white, and blue LEDs, Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden provides a full solar spectrum of light to your plants.

It doesn’t matter where you place Dr. Goodrow, near a window or not.

The Light can easily be raised or lowered as your plants grow.

The automatic timer turns light on for 16 hours and then off for 8, recreating the natural growing conditions.

The first and last two hours of light are dimmer, simulating sunrise and sunset so your plants get the full treatment.


I can’t really grasp how great this product is.

Not only am I bragging to my friends about all of the things I grow, but the fact that I can see so much life sprout in my little home provides me with so much peace and harmony!

And the food! Wow! Things you grow by yourself have so much more potent taste!

Not only do I recommend Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden to anyone but I encourage you to get this for your kids so they can experience life growth!

And to allow a loved one to eat homegrown food is so rewarding!

I have obviously bought 6 of these now and I’m thinking about getting some more now that I know I can have plants even if I leave my home for a week or two!

But Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden is such a good product that you get a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test it out for yourself, risk-free!

That's how impressive this thing is! You are guaranteed to love it!

The ONE Problem I Need To Tell You About

The problem with Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden is that it has become so increasingly popular that the manufacturer has called out that they can barely keep up with demand.

And on top of that, there is an ongoing campaign right now where they have a 51% discount! So it's just a matter of time before they run out again.

Furthermore, some of my friends who have bought a Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden on my recommendation couldn’t get it on the official store as they were out of stock.

So they bought it somewhere else and they got some crap copycat version instead!

In other words, there are a lot of scams and copycat versions out there trying to leech off Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden's success.

So make sure you get yours from their official website and get them now before they run out of stock.

How To Order A Real Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden?

  1. Make sure to order from the official website linked here
  2. Select the number of gardens you want
  3. Submit shipping information and payment method
  4. Enjoy a green lush home wherever you live!

If you’re still on the fence about it, we just want to let you know that Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

So if you’re not sure, you can always buy one and just return it later if you don’t like it.

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Did I read this correctly? I don’t need to use ANY dirt?

Dr. Goodrow doesn’t require any dirt for you to grow whatever fruits, veggies, or flowers you desire. Dr. Goodrow uses hydroponics to grow your plants, a growing method that requires no dirt and that has been used for hundreds of years.

Q: Is Dr. Goodrow difficult to use?

Quite the contrary! All you do is add your seeds and Dr. Goodrow does all the rest! It really IS that simple!

Q: Do I need to buy anything else to use Dr. Goodrow?

Not at all! The Dr. Goodrow kit comes with everything you need to start your own indoor garden. All you do is add the seeds!

Q: Do I need to place Dr. Goodrow near a sunny window?

Dr. Goodrow comes with its own light, meaning you can place it wherever you like – even inside of a dark closet!

Q: Do Dr. Goodrow use any harmful pesticides?

Not at all! And since Dr. Goodrow isn’t outdoors, it will be less accessible to harmful bugs and pests.

How Much Does It Cost?

Normally, a high-quality Smart garden of this class goes for up to $300, so one would expect the Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden to be in this price range as well...

But actually, the Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden sells for only $107.68, since the founders of the company are doing everything to keep prices low.

In fact, they are even running up to a 51% sale on their website right now, bringing the price down to just $52.33!

Click here to claim a discounted Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden (if it's still available) >>

That’s a small price to pay to get a healthy garden plants you need!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

Other brands spend billions and billions on advertising. Guess who pays for that in the end? The customer!

The Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden does very little advertising as they started on a very small scale. They also don’t sell in any retail stores, it’s strictly online. This lets them keep the prices down as they don’t need to rent big store warehouses and have tons of staff.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

As the founders of Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden know that they have a superior product they only need the word to spread so that people can try it for themselves.

By getting their product in as many hands as possible, more buzz will be generated as well as more sales. And it seems to work because they are constantly running out of stock!

Get your Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden from their official website here >>>


As of June 17, 2024 Ever since Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product and wants people to explore nature that they are now offering up to a 51% discount.


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