February 8, 2023

Looking for an alternative to fillers or surgery to help combat saggy, droopy or hooded eyelids?

Thousands of women are rejecting going under the knife or getting fillers this year. Instead, they’re jumping on the trend of non-intrusive eye lift tape to combat signs of aging around the eye.

With plenty of bad products being sold online, many women end up buying overpriced, low quality products that actually end up hurting the skin around the eyes.

So we decided to buy & test all the top selling corrective eye lift strips and review them for your reading pleasure.

Here’s our Top 5 Picks this year, with a full review at the bottom of the page:

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Our Score

Key Features

#1 BEST IN 2023



Eye Magic

Price: $14.95


Western looking eyelids

Works with or without makeup

Works with most skin tones

Comfortable design

American made



Price: $15.99

4 different sizes

Fits all eye shapes

Fiber Lace Eyelid Tape

100% Non Latex


Cruelty Free


D.U.P 120 Piece

Price: $14.99

Soft And Gentle On Skin

Very small

Big Pack

Strong adhesive

Ships from Japan


ZM Beauty

Price: $10.99

Single and double sided

Medical-use adhesive fiber



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We Bought & Tested The Most Popular eyelid products, Here’s Why Contours RX: LIDS BY DESIGN is #1

I’ve been working as a makeup artist in theatre and movies for nearly 15 years, and throughout all of my career one of the most common problems has been hooded and tired eyes.

For a long time I thought that this is something we just have to accept and live with, unless you want to go through painful and expensive surgery.

But finally there is the most brilliant solution, as easy as anything in your daily morning routine.

LIDs BY DESIGN has lifted a weight off my chest as I used to think I had to accept hooded eyes and looking tired.

But it seriously took less than 10 seconds to convince me otherwise as my eyes now shine with the same youthful natural glow it did when I was 25.

I didn’t expect this to work at all, I was actually very sceptical at first.

From my years in the industry I know that these products don't hold up for any longer periods of time, that they’re uncomfortable and that they can actually cause some nasty irritation.

My change of mind began as I got the product only 2 days after ordering it.

“Fine” I thought, but only if it can lift my appearance as quickly as it got delivered will I ever consider it on the top 5 page.

It’s funny how I had no idea this would turn out to be the #1 product.

SUMMARY: With a medical grade adhesive strip designed to ergonomically follow the anatomy of the eyelid and enhance your natural beauty, you can now get bigger and brighter eyes by simply applying a small strip - and voila, you will look younger and more confident throughout the entire day and night.

Since more light reaches your eyes, it allows for more surface scattering to make your eyes literally shine whiter, and brighter.

So it is no wonder that this award winning product is being used by everybody, everywhere!

First Impression

I opened the box and looked at the strips that came neatly packed in a convenient container.

It was obvious that this wasn’t the normal tape that many use to lift their eyelids.

This was more like a transparent gel looking material. It looked expensive.

When I touched it, I also noticed how soft yet strong the strips were.

Normally these things are annoying even when you're just holding them in your hand or pincers.

But these had a comfortable soothing texture, or rather lack of texture, that made me feel quite excited to try them on.

How to Apply LIDs BY DESIGN

I simply put a strip on my eyelid and blinked a couple of times. I could still distinguish the strip on my eyelid as I studied myself in the mirror. The strip is transparent and all, but it wasn’t until I pressed gently on it to make it bond, that it suddenly disappeared.

As if it had merged with my skin.


But then I noticed something else in the mirror - my eyes! My droopy eyelid was now gone and gave room for my now enormous eyes! Well they were normal sized but It was so long ago that I saw them unobstructed by my eyelids.

I was now staring at a face that was looking back at me in the mirror, A face that I sometimes find in old pictures of myself when I was way younger.

It’s fascinating how much of our appearance comes from our eyes.

With such a great result I wouldn’t mind if they weren't comfortable.

It would feel fair somehow, if they were a little something.

But actually, LIDs BY DESIGN don't feel anything at all.

I even got my husband to try them and he was speechless when he saw the result!

I can't blame him. It’s literally a day and night difference.

Can You Compare LIDS BY DESIGN with anything else on the market?

No! This is something else entirely compared to other products.


I’m using LIDs BY DESIGN every day now as it’s a core part of my daily routine.

And I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to promote their eyes or fix a tired look, whether it’s for a special occasion or a casual office look. This is the most convenient, discrete, safe and effective product out there!

A Recent Problem Has Occured

The problem with LIDs BY DESIGN is that it has become so incredibly popular that the manufacturer has called out that they can barely keep up with demand.

And on top of that, there is an ongoing campaign right now where they have a 35% discount! So it's just a matter of time before they run out.

Furthermore, there are a lot of scams and copycat versions from companies that try to get in on the success of the LIDs BY DESIGN. So make sure you get yours from their official website and get it now before they run out of stock.

How To Order LIDs BY DESIGN?

  1. Make sure to order from the official website linked here
  2. Get the 35% Discount
  3. Select the amount and size you want
  4. Submit shipping information and payment method
  5. Show off your big bright natural eyes!

If you’re still on the fence about it, we just want to let you know that the LIDs BY DESIGN comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

So if you’re not sure, you can always buy one and just return it later if you don’t like it.

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Does it require any glue?

No. All you need to do is unpack it, clean your eyelid from oils so that the adhesive sticker can properly bond.

Q: Does it irritate the skin?

No, Because LIDs BY DESIGN IS completely free of toxins, as well as being latex free and hypoallergenic it is 100% Safe to use around your eyes.

Q: Can I use any size?

Yes. The only difference between the sizes of the adhesive strips is the amount of effect it has. So the bigger the strip is, the bigger your eyes will appear. So we highly recommend getting at least two different sizes so you can have a casual everyday look and then another size for the big glamorous occations.

How Much Does It Cost?

Normally, high quality eyelid tape and strips go for up to $500, so one would expect the LIDs BY DESIGN to be in this price range as well...

But actually, the LIDs BY DESIGN sells for only $31.95, since the founders of the company are doing everything to keep prices low.

In fact, they are even running a 35% sale on their website right now if you buy three, so it's only $26.00 per unit! (You Save $41.82)

Click here to claim you discounted LIDs BY DESIGN (if it's still available) >>

That’s a small price to pay to bring out your true self!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

Other brands spend billions and billions on advertising. Guess who pays for that in the end? The customer!

LIDs BY DESIGN does very little advertising as they started as a small concept tech company and grew as their product was cheaper and better than the competition.

They also don’t sell in any retail stores, it’s strictly online.

This lets them keep the prices down as they don’t need to rent big store warehouses and have tons of staff.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

As the founders of the LIDs BY DESIGN know that they have a superior product they only need the word to spread so that people can try it for themselves.

By getting their product in as many hands as possible, more buzz will be generated as well as more sales.

And it seems to work, because they are constantly running out of stock!

Get your LIDs BY DESIGN from their official website here >>>


As of February 08, 2023 Ever since LIDs BY DESIGN was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product and wants people to explore nature that they are now offering a one-time, 35% discount.


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