May 18, 2024

Hair stylers have come a long way and are designed to function more effectively, be safer, and cause far less damage to the hair itself.

These hair stylers let users create the curls they want without the risks of creating frizz or breakage to their hair.

Hair stylers come in a variety of styles and features. The popular brands cost $600 for a single hair styler. These are recognized for providing exceptional quality – barrel curls with incredible style without high heat that could damage hair.

We decided to test out a wide range of hair stylers to determine which was the best for 2024. We looked at the high-end models from well-known brands as well as products from lesser recognized companies and newer companies.

Our goal is to find the very best, no matter the price.

Let’s just say we were shocked by the outcome. The big brands with those huge price tags did of course come in at the top, but not at #1!

That's right, our test winner was from a smaller company. It outshined the competition by providing just as much versatility and function without the high price tag. It’s impossible to recommend something that’s priced higher that doesn’t create any significant difference.

Here are our Top 5 Picks for this year, with a full review of our top pick at the bottom of the page:

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Our Score

Key Features

#1 BEST IN 2024



Dyson AirWrap

Price: $738.00

Maximum 150 degrees Celsius

Help reduce static hair

One-click attachments

Clockwise and anti-clockwise barrels for symmetry



Price: $68.99

4 in 1 Multifunctional

3 Temperature settings

2 Speed Settings

Double temperature protection and ceramic coating


SRI Dryer Brush

Price: $160.00

3 heat settings options

5 brush heads to provide various styling options

2 speed settings for controlled drying and styling

Vents that help with heat distribution and consistency

Faster drying than other products


FHI Heat Platform All-In-One Blow Out

Price: $120.00

Super lightweight design to prevent fatigue

Professional-quality function for drying and styling

3 setting control options

Ion technology to ensure a refined finish

Comes with several attachments for versatile use

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We Bought & Tested The Most Popular Hair Stylers. Here’s Why Pure AirCurl is #1

SUMMARY: Pure AirCurl offers a lot of benefits – it uses negative ion technology to allow for drying and styling hair at the same time, eliminating the need for scorching heat. It offers several styling options, from barrel rolls to beautiful, straight, shiny hair. It also comes at a fraction of the cost associated with competitors.

They are currently offering 50% off first orders on their website. GO HERE

Update: We recently learned that Pure AirCurl is becoming harder and harder to purchase. It’s sold out in all retail stores. We believe it is still accessible on the official website with the discount. Here’s the site to use.

In recent years, new technology has allowed for new products to flood the beauty industry, and the latest feature is all about airflow to dry and style hair at the same time. Not all products manage to implement this technology with the same level of quality.

One product that has managed to ace the air-flow tech is the new Dyson Airwrap.

So when we set out to do this review, we used it as a benchmark to compare against, but since the Dyson Airwrap is priced at nearly $600 we didn’t expect any product to come close to it.

However, that didn’t go the way we thought it would.

My experience in this area is diverse, having worked in a salon for a long time. The Dyson Airwrap really set the tone for something new when it was released.

I wasn’t expecting any other product to do nearly as well, especially if they were priced at a fraction of it.

There is more to a good product than producing a beautiful result, like convenience, safety, ease of use, and aesthetics.

And I’d say I was right, sure, some products did well in one aspect, but not in all. That was until I got Pure AirCurl.

First Impression

I ordered directly from the company’s website and was immediately welcomed with a 50% discount, so that set the tone right from the start. And I didn’t have to wait long either, just two days later I had it unpacked in my home.

It had a little weight to it, which made me happy. Not so much that it would fatigue you as some products do after a while, and I can’t stand it when they feel toyish and brittle.

So I was pleased that its sturdy and discrete weight felt secure in my hand.

Out of the box, it felt like a solid product. It had a few features to it that were interesting, including the unique styling heads. One of the most notable differences between the Dyson Airwrap and Pure AirCurl is the number of brush heads. Pure AirCurl offers 5 and Dyson offers 8.

I would learn later that Dysons 8 is more of a marketing trick. Because Pure AirCurl managed to produce the same results – curling, straightening, and drying, all with ease and amazing results.

Design & Features

The Pure AirCurl has a generous design, intuitive, and is easy to use.

It only has a few buttons, including those to change up the heat settings and the speed so there is no need to bench read the manual. And the cord is very long and can rotate freely which is super convenient!

Overall, Pure AirCurl is very cute and well made. It looks and feels not at all that different from the Dyson Airwrap.

That’s impressive because the technology in the Airwrap is pretty high-end yet comes at a much more reasonable price.


After washing my hair and allowing it to air dry for a few minutes, I began.

The main handle is easy to hold and swing around, allowing for easy wrapping and unwrapping.

Again, even without numerous customization options, it worked very well to style my hair in a variety of ways.

There are a few different ways to use Pure AirCurl to get results, basically with different movements of the hand. It’s easy enough to create straight hair that’s beautifully shiny. It’s also possible to create big barrels of curls.

One of the best features is the fact that I did not get burned or even close to it. We have all experienced the heat, which often damages the hair with every twist.

Pure AirCurl had warmth, but not the scorching heat. Still, when I used it, I could hear and feel the air technology working to dry the hair and hold it in place.

Pure AirCurl warmed up and was ready to go in no time, and after a few minutes, I had a new chic look.

I was out the door in no time. I didn’t notice any changes in my hair throughout the day. The look seemed to hold most of the day. I loved it.

Most importantly, I have to say, I felt like I was using the $600 hairstyler the whole time, not the $149 version. And, for that, my wallet was tremendously happy as well.

What Makes Pure AirCurl Different From Others?

Pure AirCurl stands out when compared to other products, not only that it competes with the current throne holder at a fraction of the price, but for several other reasons.


I wanted to recommend the very best hair styler for my friends and family. So I was very picky and skeptical. But even though I had my guard up, Pure AirCurl snuck by and moved right into my heart and beauty cabinet, simply because it truly is the best choice!

It offers all of your styling needs in a single product. It’s designed to use air technology to create impressive looks rather than the use of damaging heat.

I especially recommend this to anyone who’s thinking about buying one of the more expensive products because there’s nothing the Pure AirCurl can’t do at half the price. If anything, but two and give one away!

A Recent Problem Has Occured

Pure AirCurl is the secret that everyone is quickly learning. That’s evident because, simply, it’s selling out everywhere.

And as if it’s not difficult enough to get a hold of one, the manufacturer also recently announced a 50% discount on it, punching the demand even further.

I had one individual email me to let me know they couldn't find Pure AirCurl in stock anywhere, and they thought they found it on a third-party website. They ended up purchasing a copycat product that was more or less a scam product.

So act quickly and make sure to buy your Pure AirCurl from the company’s official website.

That’s how you’ll secure both the real deal as well as the 50% discount.

How To Order A Real Pure AirCurl

  1. Go to the Official Website
  2. Get the 50% discount. (If it’s still available)
  3. Select the number of devices you want – if you have numerous children, buy a couple
  4. Submit the shipping and payment information for the purchase
  5. Prepare to fall in love with your new look!

If you are skeptical about purchasing Pure AirCurl, rest assured. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So if you for some reason don’t want it, you can just send it back, no questions asked!

Common Questions & Answers

Q: How does Pure AirCurl Dry and Style hair?

It uses negative ion energy to function. In short, there’s air blowing through the styling wand while you use it. That allows for the hair to dry into place.

Q: What are the two temperature settings for?

The two temperature settings offer one for cooling, which creates a high wind speed but a low temperature. It's great for the summer months. The second setting is for a lower wind speed with a bit of a warmer temperature.

Q: Does it take a long time to work?

No, I found that it was far faster than trying to blow dry and style hair separately. It was quite efficient overall, reducing the time I spent drying my hair. It's in my bag now, so I can use it on the go, too.

How Much Does It Cost?

When we set out to compare hair styling tools for 2024, I looked at a wide range of products. That includes the Dyson Airwrap, which was priced highest at $600.

Pure AirCurl does everything just as well if not better, for $269.95.

But since the company currently has a 50% discount (we don’t know how long that will last), the price comes down to only $149.95! Less than half that of its competitors!

Get the 50% discount HERE

How Can It Be So Affordable?

How can Pure AirCurl be so much cheaper than $600 models? There are a few reasons for this. First, there’s no big advertising budget. You do not have to worry about overspending on a product for the sake of their logo on it.

Most of the other companies spend thousands (or even millions) on advertising.

Also, the company doesn’t stock stores with their product which means they don't have excessive warehouses or tons of staff to pay.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

The best guess is that the manufacturer is new and wants to get its products in as many hands as possible.

Knowing they have a superior product and offering it at a favorable price, the company gets to cement its place on the market.

Get your Pure AirCurl from their official website >>>


As of May 18, 2024, Ever since Pure AirCurl was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product and wants people to try it out that they are now offering up to a 50% discount.


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