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Top 5 Mosquito Repellents – Just In Time For The Worst Mosquito Season In Years

Updated May, 2024

Mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other little winged-demons are ready to ruin your summer!

And according to a recent news report, this year will be one of the WORST MOSQUITO SEASONS IN YEARS.

Thanks to winter storms, these evil little bloodsuckers have the perfect breeding environment.

This means you can take one thing to the bank - Mosquitoes will be out in force. They’ll make your life miserable every time you step outside.

That’s why our team invested countless hours finding the best mosquito and bug repellent so you can enjoy your spring and summer without being covered in itchy red spots or sick with some new virus.

Our team tested hundreds of bug zappers and actually discovered one that:

  • Was originally designed to combat malaria
  • Kills any mosquito in a 375 ft. radius
  • Is solar-powered
  • And can be taken on camping trips!

Here are our Top 5 picks this year, with a full review of the best one at the bottom:

Doodle Bug Zapper

1 BEST FOR 2024




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Thermacell MR450


  • Emits scent-free repellent
  • One 12-hour fuel cartridge included
  • Three 4-hour repellent mats included
  • Very Bright
  • Wireless





Black & Decker


  • Non-Toxic UV Light
  • Easy-Clean Collection Tray
  • Cord length: 1.5m
  • Good protective cover







  • Lantern design
  • +12,000 reviews
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Has a short cord







  • Extremely powerful
  • Loud popping noise when zapping
  • No batteries are needed, runs on A/C
  • Weighs 4.8 pounds




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Best Overall Bug Repellent

1 BEST FOR 2024




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More powerful than your average bug-repellant as it emits safe UV light in 365 nm wavelength, scientifically proven to attract mosquitoes.


Powered by solar energy it is great for long camping & hiking trips. Chargeable with USB on cloudy days.

100% SAFE

Zaptek contains no toxic materials, and has a double protective grid, making it safe around kids and indoors.

The Zaptek Bug Zapper Stands Out As The #1 Mosquito And Bug Repellent On The Market

Picture 1 It kills mosquitoes, lights up your tent, and helps you find your way at night... it’s Zaptek!

SUMMARY: The Zaptek Bug Zapper allows you and your family to enjoy the outdoors, whether you’re near your home or enjoying something much further away. It’s a unique solar-powered device that can plug into the wall or be a portable bug zapper/lantern/flashlight. With swarms of mosquitoes just dying to feast on your legs, Zaptek protects you no matter where you go.

And the best part is - The manufacturer is offering 70% off right now if you order from their website!

Every year, it's the same story for my family and I. I love going outdoors and having a barbecue.

Then in the evenings, sitting on the porch with my family is awesome... until the uninvited guests show up.

You know who I'm talking about, the pests that buzz and bite and make a perfectly wonderful summer day or evening into a scratch fest! Last year I spent $200 on calamine lotion!

So when our team decided to rate the top mosquito repellents for 2024, I was all ears.

See, Thanks to the winter weather this year,, we’re all in for the worst mosquito season in the last decade.

It's not like mosquitos were exactly nice last year, and now they're gonna be worse!

Thankfully, our team discovered the Zaptek Bug Zapper which promises to be the best mosquito repellent at home and even when you go camping!

It's this solar-powered gadget that you just have to check out.

Kill Bugs With The Power Of The Sun With Zaptek

Picture 2 Plug it in, or use the sun - no other bug zapper can boast those benefits!

The Zaptek Bug Zapper is a portable device that’s both a top-notch bug killer and a powerful portable lamp. That means your home will be bug-free in any room you bring it in. Plus, it’s designed to be safe around children, so no fear of electric shock.

While other zappers stand in place, this one goes where you do, giving you the freedom to enjoy an open door summer!

It's so effective that it keeps over 375 square feet of your living space free from mosquitoes, bugs, insects, and related critters. These are the very creatures that carry all kinds of diseases, infections, and allergies.

Protecting You From Disease

Mosquitoes are just as dangerous as they are annoying. At best, mosquitoes will bite anything they get near, including vulnerable little babies. At worst, they carry:

That's why thousands of people everyday are picking up Zaptek.

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Goes Where You Go

Normally, people purchase static bug zappers that make fun sounds whenever they fry a bug. But... half the time those hefty, bulky, stationary devices are killing moths or lightning bugs.

The Zaptek Bug Zapper is different.

It emits 365 NM wavelength UV light scientifically proven to attract mosquitoes. It'll kill other pests too, but think of this as the mosquito terminator. And every time you turn it on, you'll be saying "Hasta La Vista, Baby" to all those blood suckers!

You'll enjoy evenings with your family without fear of bug bites.

You'll know your children are safe from diseases.

You can bring the Zaptek into any room, onto any porch, or even out on the deck.

In fact, if you go camping and need a lantern and a bug zapper - then you've found your one device!

Zaptek allows you to travel without fear of mosquitoes, even if you're camping deep in the woods.

Say goodbye to bathing in bug spray before bed!

This means you won’t have to worry about "bug spray poisoning". With Zaptek, you'll be able to sleep in your tent without the slick bug spray coating your entire body.

Scientifically Proven Mosquito Killing Technology

Picture 3 This evil creature wants to give you all kinds of pain and diseases, but Zaptek can stop them all!

The Zaptek Bug Zapper uses an ultraviolet wavelength blue light, from 360 to 400 nm that works like a magnet for mosquitoes.

That wavelength brings them in, and then the Zaptek kills those mosquitoes dead. Plus flies, gnats, and other pesky bugs that love ruining your parties, get-togethers, and evenings on the porch.

All you really need to know is that in just two hours, you'll be emptying out your surroundings of every mosquito around you.

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More Than Just A Zapper

What's amazing about the Zaptek is when you buy one device, you're actually buying three!

It’s a bug zapper, an amazing lantern, AND a powerful flashlight. If you were to buy all three of those, you’d spend at least $200, and sometimes even more! Not to mention if you went camping, how much space each of those would take up in your bags. But Zaptek is cheaper, and smaller!

It's a powerful bug-repellent and killer.

And... the lantern is super impressive with four light settings to choose from:

0%, 20%, 50%, and 100% at 6,000 lumens.

It’s perfect for lighting up your patio, backyard, or campsite with pretty ambient light, while still protecting yourself and your loved ones from bites and viruses.

Plus... it's a flashlight!

That means the Zaptek is awesome for protecting your home from hungry bugs, but it's also a fantastic tool to take camping.

Now you'll enjoy camping anywhere on earth with a bright light, a powerful flashlight, and an effective bug killer.

It's the best at-home and camping gadget you'll ever buy.

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Money-Saving In More Ways Than One

Imagine a device that saves you money on your electric bill, and your camping trip and makes the whole family happy. Well, this is it!

Normally, buying a bug zapper that actually works will cost you at least $75, but often far more than that. And, all it does is hang in near the backdoor killing some bugs while others chomp away at your flesh.

The Zaptek is offered at a heavily discounted rate, giving you up to 70% off! Right now, you can buy one Zaptek for $39.99, and multiple Zapteks for even bigger discounts. You can give them a way to friends and family so they can enjoy camping too!

But, that's not the only way Zaptek saves you money.

It's solar-powered, meaning you can either plug it in or use the solar panels attached to it for a full charge. Save big money on your electrical bill.

It's portable, so you can take it with you camping. That saves you money on lanterns, flashlights, bug spray...

At the end of the day, Zaptek could save you up to hundreds of dollars per year between all the money-saving benefits!

Final Verdict

Picture 4 There’s nothing as satisfying as holding a handful of dead mosquitoes thanks to Zaptek!

When I bought the Zaptek Bug Zapper, I used it in my backyard deck and went 20 straight hours without being bitten. Plus, I had to empty that thing out every two or three hours because it was killing so many mosquitoes!

We took it camping with us (backyard camping because our kids were young) and it kept the entire tent lit and bug-free all night long. My kids love it and I love that it keeps them safe.

Right now, you can take advantage of this deal, but only if you act now. The first warehouse is already empty, so take advantage of the new deal that’s up to 70% off!

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