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Top 5 Best Bathroom Remodelers 2024 That’ll Build Your Dream Bath Quickly & Below Budget

Updated May, 2024

Is your old, dingy, poorly designed shower giving you fits? Have you tried to design a new, more "you" shower, only to be put off by the cost and the process?

Home improvement companies routinely rank second in consumer complaints nationwide.

Finding a trustworthy, hard-working and cost-effective remodeling company is almost impossible.

That's why our team put together a thorough list of home remodeling companies, focusing on bathrooms and showers in particular.

We discovered the top 5 shower remodeling companies based on design options, cost and installation process.

We discovered more money doesn't equal better, and in fact the #1 remodeling option is not only the least expensive but the easiest to work with.

See our list of Top 5 Shower Remodeling companies, and if you'd like to skip down to #1, just click here.

Doodle Shower

1 BEST FOR 2024






Home Depot Bathroom Remodel

  • Above Average Pricing
  • Solid Customer Service
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Several Design Options





American Standard

  • Good Pricing
  • Solid Customer Service
  • Competent Staff
  • Several Design Options





Reborn Bathroom Solutions

  • Good Customer Service
  • Pleasant Staff
  • Numerous Design
  • Options





Bath Planet

  • Average Pricing
  • Solid Customer Service
  • Qualified Staff
  • Dozens Of Design Options




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Best Overall Shower Installation Service

1 BEST FOR 2024






Including no interest for 18 months, low monthly payments, no payments until 2025 and more!


So confident you'll love your new shower they put their money where their mouth is.


No sales tactics, just finding what you want and giving it to you at warp speed.

Here's Why The Dreamstyle Shower System Is The #1 Remodeling Service

Picture 1

After more than 125,000 installations over the last 30+ years, Dreamstyle Remodeling sets the standard. Odds are you've walked into one of their shower systems and marveled at its beauty. Their customers have showers that are designed to their specifications in terms of look, design, amenities and more.

Right now, Dreamstyle Shower Systems are offering $1,000 off. This is on top of their low payment options and zero interest for 18 months!

I've needed to redo my bathroom for years.

Between hitting my knee on the faucet, bumping my elbow on the soap dish and looking at the dingiest green ever... it's a mess.

But, like most folks, I've always struggled with two things:

In no time, a shower remodeling process can become astronomically expensive. I'm not buying a new luxury car, I just want a nice shower!

The process is a pain. The sales people are usually pushy. The installers can take weeks to even set a start date. Plus, the work schedule goes from one week to one year!

That's why my ears perked up when I heard we were reviewing home remodeling services that specialize in bathrooms and showers.

And, I fell in love when I saw all the reviews and details for the Dreamstyle Shower System.

Get Clean In Exactly The Shower You Want

Picture 2

What stood out most to me with the Dreamstyle Shower System was how it was a well-oiled machine.

And they don't drop the ball on any of it!

Dealing with contractors who never showed up made me nuts! Or, being offered several shades of the same gray tile was deflating. Compared to that, I was seriously impressed with how Dreamstyle went about their business.

The Dreamstyle Remodeling process was simple:

  1. First, you reach out and let them know you're interested in learning more.
  2. Next, a qualified design professional will sit down with you to discuss your needs and tastes. He or she will show you your options, and talk about different colors, textures and even shelving!
  3. After that, you make your choice and talk about the price. Honestly, this was the other best part. Once they lay out your new, fabulous shower and show you the price, you'll feel like you bought a Mercedes for the price of a Honda!
  4. Once all the details are squared away, the installation process begins. Highly trained and experienced technicians will install your shower system, often in as little as one to two days. Now... let that sink in... one to two DAYS! Not six weeks turning into six months, just one to two days!
  5. Lastly, you'll know you are well taken care of because Dreamstyle Remodeling offers a Lifetime Warranty.

After our team reviewed their process and their price, we immediately shot them up to the top of the list.

No other home remodeling service could compare to the:

It was clear that anyone who went with the Dreamstyle Shower System would never have to worry about clumsy, awkward showers again.

Amazing Before / After Photos

Just look at some of these, they don’t even look like the same bathroom!

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

I Actually Used Dreamstyle Remodeling On My Shower!

So... I went for it!

I reached out myself to see what it would take to finally redo that old, nasty, poorly designed shower.

And man... I'm so glad I did.

All the reviews we read about and saw on social media were 100% accurate. It's a simple, no hassle design consultation to start with. And between my first phone call and my first shower, it was less than 45 days.

Can you believe that? A new, well-designed shower in less than two months!? That's impossible... but not with the Dreamstyle Shower System.

Oh, and I have to mention this. Throughout their website and materials, they mention "custom fit" options. I injured my back six years ago playing basketball, so I need some specific modifications to a "normal" shower setup.

Dreamstyle Remodeling was able to customize a shower to exactly my abilities. That's just how they work their magic. Whether it's colors, textures, design elements, physical features, no matter what you want, they will find a way to make you happy.

With the housing market stuck for the moment, I'd recommend calling them right away. People aren't selling their homes, so they're remodeling them instead.

With Dreamstyle's reputation and pricing, people are probably already calling them nonstop.

Picture 7

Put the Dreamstyle Remodeling Team To Work For You And Save $1,000!
DreamStyle Dreamstyle
Others Others
  • 1 $1,000 Off From Day 1
  • 2 No-obligation estimates from highly trained design professionals
  • 3 Expert installation in 1-2 days
  • 4 Lifetime warranty
  • 5 High-quality shower designed to meet your exact needs
  • 6 Prices you’ll love!
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  • Tick Yes
  • Tick Yes
  • Tick Yes
  • Tick Yes
  • Cross No
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Oh... About That Pricing

The "average" cost of a shower remodeling in America was reported to be $10,000 (which is nuts). But, that's not even close in my experience.

I called two years ago and they wanted to charge me the price of a new Mercedes just for a shower!

Now, I can't tell you exactly what your final price will be since every shower is different.

But, with:

You'll wind up getting the Mercedes of showers for the price of a Honda.

Transform Your Shower Today

Call Dreamstyle today so you can stop taking gross, clumsy showers and start bathing like a king.

Put the Dreamstyle Remodeling Team To Work For You And Save $1,000!

Check Out The Dreamstyle Shower System Reviews

User 1

Work was done in one day by a very professional team of two. They worked nonstop until it was completed. They checked to make sure everything was working properly and showed me what I needed to know to use the new shower.

Val D. | Bloomington, IN
User 2

The installers were both efficient, polite, respectful of our space and very craftsmen like installers. Knowledgeable, they answered all questions to our satisfaction. It was a pleasure to have them here, and their work was excellent.

Stan H. | Clanton, AL
User 3

The new shower is marvelous! Lorenzo did a fabulous job of removing the old tub and installing the new shower and vanity. He was extremely professional and was always ensuring he was not impacting us. We are so pleased with the job he did. Al did not steer us wrong as we made our choices.

Dusty C. | Hope, KS