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Top 3 Intermittent Fasting Apps That Help You Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Master Hunger

Updated June, 2024

Right now, 66.7% of adults have obesity, and 49.0% of overweight adults are trying to lose weight. That’s about 100 million people.

That’s why we’ve invested months of research into the best weight loss apps. We want to know what works, and what is a waist of time. (Get it?)

If you’re asking questions like:

  • Is Weight Watchers worth it?
  • What about PHD Weight Loss?
  • Does G-Plans Work?

Then this list is for you...

Doodle Diet

1 BEST FOR 2024






  • Get a fully personalized plan based on your body & preferences
  • Comes with a beautiful app that helps you keep track of progress
  • Noom sets reachable goals for you, weekly & monthly
  • Users see results fast without feeling hungry 24/7






  • Balanced Nutrition that combines all your daily needed vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein
  • Fully Prepared Meals so that you never have to cook again
  • Filling Menu that never leaves you hungry as you go through your weight loss journey
  • Freedom to indulge – the diet plan includes a bit of “cheating” so you can enjoy your favorite snacks daily




Best Overall Weight Loss Program


Get a personally assigned coach that will take charge guide and motivate you.


Your personal diet plan is customized for you so you get to feel full, satisfied, and happy.


Inspiring education to help you reach your goal and identify and address patterns and triggers.

Why Is DoFasting The Winner? Here’s What Their Customers Think

Picture 1

After exhaustive research, the DoFasting Program stands out because it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews in all the aspects that matter to consumers.

The company has a ‘fair pricing’ policy because they want their products to be available to everyone – regardless of their financial status.

Some of the features customers love:

Here’s What Their Verified Reviews Say...

Of course we had to look at the online reviews of DoFasting to see what customers had to say.

These days, it’s common that companies use fake reviews to make the product seem more attractive. But we reached out to DoFasting and got a chance to verify that these reviews were in fact real.

Trust 1

Trust 2

Trust 3

What Is DoFasting & How Does It Work?

Customer 1

Liz Rayden

Verified customer

Result: -45 lbs

I consider intermittent fasting a way of eating very different from diets. I’ve been living the lifestyle almost 3 years and it has changed everything about my physical, mental, and emotional health. Best decision ever made.

Customer 2

Jane Kinsley

Verified customer

Result: -26 lbs

I have been doing IF since December 14 and the results are better than expected, no hunger, no cravings, and minimum exercise! I just eat a moderate diet cutting out all junk & fast food and boom!!! Fat just burns itself.

Customer 3

Claudia Mendes

Verified customer

Result: -22 lbs

Hands down best diet I followed in my entire life, more than a diet, it is a way of life. Just started the app, but IF changed my life. I wish I started last year.

DoFasting is designed to help people get started with Intermittent Fasting & lose weight. Everything you need to know about IF can be found inside the free app. It tracks your fasting windows every day and lets you know what type of foods you need to eat to keep the weight off.

Getting started with DoFasting couldn’t be easier. Your weight loss journey with DoFasting starts with these 3 simple steps:

That’s it! Your weight loss journey has begun. If you’re interested, DoFasting is still open to all new customers.

UPDATE: As of June 17, 2024, Ever since it was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated.

Click here to start your weight loss journey with DoFasting.

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