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Top 3 Weight Loss & Diet Programs Of 2024 That Get Results

Updated June, 2024

After several years of sitting around, most people are looking for real ways to lose weight and get their diet under control.

Many are looking at using a weight loss app. But, with money tight for most of us, they're asking about the best free weight loss apps.

Our team of reviewers pored over dozens of weight loss apps because we kept getting asked:

  • 🤔 Is Weight Watchers worth it?
  • 🤔 Does "G-Plans" work for weight loss?
  • 🤔 What about "PHD Weight Loss?"

Our team of weight-loss experts spent months using every app we could find. We tried them in different ways, but the one that stood out the most was the Noom weight loss app. Read more below:

Doodle Diet

1 BEST FOR 2024




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Keto Cycle

  • Offers a comprehensive plan with meals, exercises and supplements based on your survey results
  • Once your goals are reached, you get a new maintenance plan to make sure the weight stays off
  • Easy to use, super friendly team that holds your hand through your journey






  • Balanced Nutrition that combines all your daily needed vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein
  • Fully Prepared Meals so that you never have to cook again
  • Filling Menu that never leaves you hungry as you go through your weight loss journey
  • Freedom to indulge – the diet plan includes a bit of “cheating” so you can enjoy your favorite snacks daily




Best Overall Weight Loss Program


Get a personally assigned coach that will take charge guide and motivate you.


Your personal diet plan is customized for you so you get to feel full, satisfied, and happy.


Inspiring education to help you reach your goal and identify and address patterns and triggers.

Why Is Noom The Best Diet App? Just Ask Their Customers!

Picture 1

The Noom app is giving people a tool they never thought possible.

The Noom Weight Loss App is an effective diet app that helps change your behavior while tracking your eating habits.

You'll enjoy eating the foods you like as you lose weight and watch your psychology change.

Anyone using the Noom App has access to tools that help with more than weight loss. They help with changing your eating psychology.

You'll get:

As someone who has tried dozens of weight loss options, I was incredibly happy to find out about this review.

I've downloaded apps, tried Weight Watchers, hit the gym 7 days a week... but nothing worked.

But, when I joined the Noom review challenge, it was fantastic!

Diet Test Success With Noom!

Picture 2

Our reviewers did everything they could to put Noom to the test. They tried tracking exotic fruits, like ones from Asia (which I love) to researching macros on the app.

Noom stood the test, helping each of us (especially me) curb and transform our eating behaviors.

We even found it helped us unlock the key to weight loss - honesty.

Sounds strange right? You already know you need to lose weight. How could honesty help?

Well, Noom isn't some judgy weight-loss coach or a room full of glaring eyes.

All Noom asks is for you to be honest about:

That's it!

And... it works! Noom unlocks your weight-loss potential and gives you the power to trim the fat.

Our Results Were NOT Unique

Not only did Noom work for us, it works for seemingly everyone who tries it. There were dozens of positive reviews from verified users.

Take a look at these:

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Trust 2

There's an advertorial that goes in-depth with the Noom App that you MUST read.

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