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Top 5 Portable AC Units Strong Enough To Cool Your Home For Under $100

Updated May, 2024

Hot, sweaty summer days feel miserable without the right AC unit. Even people with central air and wall units turn to portable AC units to keep certain rooms even cooler, or to give their electricity bill a break.

Problem is, finding an affordable, effective portable AC unit is near impossible with prices skyrocketing this year. Some cost more than $1,000!

That's why our team set out to test affordable devices for cooling your home that cost $100 or less. It's true, there are some great portable AC units on the market, and one in fact that keeps your home cool without costing you a fortune.

Below is a full review of the top 5 portable AC units based on effectiveness, ease of use, design, battery life, and pricing.

And, if you want to know which one our team of expert reviewers found to be #1, just check the review at the bottom of the page. Your face will light up in a cool, comfortable grin when you see the price and how well it works!

Doodle AC

1 BEST FOR 2024




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  • Very small & mobile
  • Water tank for 9 hours
  • Small effective area
  • Doubles as air purifier
  • Ok noise level





Arctic Air


  • Quiet and Lightweight
  • Efficient Cooling
  • Easy to Use
  • Cool Air Wherever You Need It





Kiticute Portable AC 3-In-1


  • Lucrative Design
  • Very Effective
  • Safe & Energy Saving
  • Simple Operation & Easy Maintenance
  • Faster Cooling







  • Budget option
  • Weak fan
  • Plastic but reliable
  • Easy to use
  • High Customer satisfaction




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Best Overall Portable AC

1 BEST FOR 2024




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In our test, the Chiller AC would cool any personal space in less than a minute.


Choose between 4 different modes suitable to the room you are in. Conserve energy by going with low speed and leave the maximum setting for the really hot days.


With easy top-fill pouring, no re-fill tank to worry about, just pour the water directly into the unit for pleasant, humidified air.

Here's Why Chiller AC Is The #1 Portable AC Unit On The Market

Picture 1 Keep the whole family cool with this small-yet-powerful device, the Chiller AC!

SUMMARY: After testing dozens of portable air conditioning units, from well-known brands to total unknowns, the Chiller AC was hands down the best at effectively cooling your personal space in less than 5 minutes. It's lightweight, saves you hundreds of dollars and, if you act right now, is 50% off your first order on the company website.

When our team of air conditioning experts started running these tests, I couldn't have been happier.

Every summer, it's the same story in my home - balancing a huge electric bill with keeping my home cool. My home isn’t even that big. Plus, my family spends most of our time in the living room. But we still have to run the air conditioning in the entire place just to cool down one room.

That means there's cold air in the bedrooms when we aren't sleeping, the kitchen when we aren't cooking, and everywhere else in our home. The easy alternative is to get a quality portable AC unit, right?


Finding a cost-effective, portable AC unit is near impossible.

There are quality options that cost upwards of $1,000 and sometimes more! Then there are cheap units that are just glorified fans pushing hot air from one side of the room to the next. Either way, you're wasting money!

When we discovered that the Chiller AC not only worked better than the competition, but it was affordable as well, I nearly fell off my chair!

It's true, in test after test, the Chiller AC outperformed the competition and did so at a fraction of the cost.

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Cool House, Happy Spouse

Picture 2 This is my family all summer long, but not anymore with Chiller AC!

Chiller AC lets you enjoy a cool, crisp living room while watching the ball game this summer. All without running up the electricity bill.

See, my wife knows I can’t stand the heat. I sweat like a thief in a police station, and my clothes get uncomfortable and smelly very fast.

That’s why it was a godsend when we found Chiller AC.

The Chiller AC is a fully portable, lightweight air cooler that can cool down any space in just 5 minutes. Setup is easy (plug in, add water, turn it on) and the results are amazing.

Why Are So Many People Buying The AC Chiller?

Plus, your AC bill will love you! It uses a fraction of the power compared to traditional air conditioning or even a regular fan. The massive savings you'll earn all summer long will come in handy at Christmas time!

Its sleek, compact design offers a 3-in-1, portable AC unit that cools, purifies, and humidifies the air around you to bring down the mercury on your thermostat as quickly as possible without emptying your wallet!

Chiller AC Keeps You Cool Without Going Broke

If you have a Chiller AC this summer:

  1. Your bedroom will stay cool all night long without having to waste AC on rooms you're not in
  2. You'll have more money in your pocket from a smaller electricity bill
  3. You'll travel in style, knowing where you go, the cool temperatures will follow because it's a PORTABLE AC unit
  4. You'll rest easy knowing there's no installation or maintenance costs - just tap water and an electrical outlet
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Tests Revealed The COLD Hard Truth

Picture 3 Choose the right level of chill for you!

Our crack team tested each unit, and they didn’t hold back. We put every portable AC in:

In test after test, the Chiller AC beat the competition by cooling each room within minutes!

Unlike other portable air conditioning units, Chiller AC’s 4 "Chill Modes" make it easy to set the perfect temperature. It's like having a thermostat without paying for one!

For 80-degree days, there's:

🥶 Cool Mode - It’s like a desktop fan, but cold

For 85-degree days, you'll prefer:

🧊 Chill Mode - This is great for smaller rooms that get hot

For 90-degree barn burners, you'll want:

❄️ Freeze Mode - If you need to cool down any size room in minutes

And for true scorchers, try:

☃️ Turbo Mode - In case you need to feel like you’re in an ice bath IMMEDIATELY

Four options making this the one-size-fits-all portable AC unit everyone in your home will love.

How Much Will Chiller AC Save You This Summer?

The question is not “Will it save you money” but “how much” because it is on sale from its already low price.

Normally, the Chiller AC costs $179.98, but the manufacturer is offering a one-time, online only sale of 50% off, so you can get the Chiller AC for just $89.99!

Depending on where you live, your utility bill could be as much as $400 per month with rising electricity costs. With the Chiller AC, you can cut that number significantly month after month, and year after year!

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Can I Still Get A Chiller AC?

Picture 4 Avoid the dog days of summer and be cool like this pooch with Chiller AC.

There is a serious availability problem at the moment, but if you act right now you can get 50% off this amazing device.

The Chiller AC was so in demand, they had to make another huge order so they offered this discount to clear out the last few hundred items before the next huge delivery arrives.

Act now and take advantage of this discount before it’s too late!

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Most Common Questions & Answers

Q: Does Chiller AC require any installation?

No. All you need to do is unpack it, fill up the water tank and press the power button!

Q: Do I need to buy batteries for it?

No, just like your other appliances - Chiller AC needs an electrical outlet to plug a cable that comes in the box.

Q: Can I use it while sleeping?

Yes. It’s very quiet so it will not disturb you and Chiller AC hasn’t had a single recorded accident yet. It is very safe!

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